Nord Rute

"Nord Rute is a sonic interpretation of Valkeapää’s poem ‘No.272’ by sound artist and sound recordist Ross Adams, UK electronic music pioneers Plaid, and the Sámi poet Synnøve Persen. Poem 272 is about a reindeer herd on the move and takes the Sámi people as its central theme examining their vast dialect and sounds of the arctic tundra. Incorporated into Nord Rute is an account of a modern day reindeer migration made by the Sámi, 350 kilometres across the Arctic Tundra every year to the reindeers’ spring grazing pastures in northern Norway. Adams travelled with a group of herders and sonically documented it using location surround recording techniques."

I worked with Kate Mogridge to create an hour of video to accompany the 3D soundscape. It was performed live at the Trinity Buoy Wharf with the video projected on a cross shaped guaze screen hung above the audience and musicians.

Produced by yeastCulture